Only one cigarette a day' increases chance of heart attack by 30%

Only one cigarette a day’ increases chance of heart attack by 30%

To really lower the risk of heart disease there is only one way: to stop completely

Remember that idea that a glass of wine a day is good? It’s not the same with the cigarette.

According to a large study by BMJ , a respected UK medical journal, people who smoke a cigarette a day are 50% more likely to develop heart disease, and 30% more likely to have a heart attack than people who have never smoked. The conclusion is simple: there is no “safe level” when it comes to these diseases.

The study indicated that smoking a pack per day (20 cigarettes) can cause seven heart attacks and strokes in a group of 100 middle-aged people. Cutting to one cigarette would make the number decrease, but it would not go away: three people would still suffer one of the problems.

Professor Allan Hackshaw, who conducted the study, told the BBC about the findings. “There was a tendency in some countries for aggressive smokers to lower their habits, thinking that this would solve the problem, which is the case for some situations like cancer. But to reduce the risk of these two other disorders we must stop completely, “he said.

Still, behavioral medicine professor Paul Aveyard of Oxford University had reservations. Speaking to the English media, Aveyard said reducing the number of cigarettes may have some positive effect: “Anyone who starts to decrease increases the risk of one day quitting smoking altogether.”

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