Aetna’s net revenue jumped by 33% up to $731.8 million in this quarter! Well, this is far better than to the same period a year earlier. The third largest health insurer of the United States raised its forecast for full-year 2015 earnings per share from $7.20 to $7.40. This giant in health insurance seeks to finalize $37 billion acquisition of Humana. Well, all this has been shared by USA today in a post.

Company’s operating profit was near to its net income. With 5% raise, its total revenue increased up to $15.2 billion and operating profit also rose 18% to $722.1 million.

Mark Bertolini, CEO Atena, told that this performance will remain to demonstrate the power of their diversified portfolio and the execution of our growth strategy. He further added that company believes that proposed Humana acquisition will advance it further by delivering both eye-catching returns for shareholders and noteworthy value to customers!!

Well, this is certainly a cheering trend for investors who like to invest in the company. On the other hand, several investors do want them to limit medical costs. This sort of earnings has outpaced expectations of Wall Street too. Aetna is also in the midst of closing a deal to acquire Humana. Certainly this will raise pressure on insurers to adapt upcoming effects of this reform in health care. Aetna has already reported raised membership in Medicare plans by 8% within this quarter. Commercial health plans has also boosted in a slight way with some more members.